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Top 5 Do-Not-Miss Aviation Stories For The Week

4 Mar

I’m switching up my Friday offering, moving from Link Love to my top stories of the week.  So here goes!

  1. Brett “Cranky Flier” Snyder has an excellent post at BNET on Southwest Airlines’ uncharacteristic social media silence as it experienced a major computer meltdown.  If you scroll down to the end of the post, it recommends other posts Brett wrote.  And guess what was at the top of the list?  “Southwest Loses Its Social Media Guru, All Eyes on the Transition.” He follows up today with Southwest’s response: It Didn’t Want to Make Things Worse. What??
  2. My Aviation Week colleague Guy Norris is over at our Things With Wings blog with all the latest — including video and pictures — on Boeing’s 787 and 747-8I programs.
  3. My colleague Fred George of Business & Commercial Aviation blogs over at Business Aviation Now about how the recession has hurt research and development for OEMs.
  4. Peter Sanders of the Wall Street Journal writes about the end of an era as Japan Airlines retires its last Boeing 747 (my favorite plane).
  5. My last pick is Mary “Runway Girl” Kirby with a great story on how airline marketing videos go viral — complete with videos — for Airline Business magazine.

And be have a plane full of crazy in this week’s Strange But True Aviation News over at AvWeek’s Things With Wings blog, with an aircraft robbery that went down the toilet (literally), more TSA screeners with screening problems and a wicked case of bedbugs on the World’s Favourite Airline.  Enjoy, and remember-I can’t make this stuff up, kids!

My Blog Roll – Continued

10 Feb
  • Boeing Co. – Not only do they make my favorite plane, the 747, but I really like the way they use their employees to tell the company’s story.  You can see my Aviation Week profile on Boeing’s efforts at the Things With Wings blog.  You MUST check out this great story and video on three generations of the Danitschek family who have worked on the Boeing 767.
  • Business Aviation Now – Of course I have to include the official blog for Aviation Week’s business aviation team, because it feeds my baby.  But we also cover all the latest bizav news and trends every day.
  • Cranky Flier – Full disclosure: I’ve been friends with this blog’s founder, Brett Snyder, since 2001.  He’s like the little brother I never wanted, but I still think his blog is one of the best aviation-related ones around.  He brings an insider’s view (one gained by working for airlines including America West and United) that offers a thorough — and humorous — explanation of this crazy business.
  • Flight Wisdom – I like this quirky little blog that covers air travel and the experience of said travelers. Anyone who can offer an explanation on the difference between an airplane geek and airline dork is good in my book.  Wisdom and I share a love of Gilbert & Sullivan operettas and had the chance to see “The Pirates of Penzance” last December. My only complaint is that he doesn’t blog enough for my taste!
  • Flightblogger – What can I say about Jon Ostrower? This guy has forgotten more about the Boeing 787 program than many people will ever remember.  He is living the same dream as me — actually getting paid for our hobby.  I’m also a BIG fan of his Movie Monday posts.

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