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Airport Concession Confessions: The Comfort Food Edition

1 May

It’s been awhile since I did a Confessions post.  Plus I’ve done some traveling, and have discovered some new places, so let’s get to it with five of my favorites.

  1. Praline Connection, Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.  If you’ve never had a praline (a luscious candy made from cream, sugar and pecans), you are missing a treat.  If you find yourself at the airport, run — do not walk — to the connection and buy some to take home. You won’t regret it.
  2. Nuts on Clark, Chicago Midway Airport. A few years ago, I attended an airport concessions conference in Chicago.  At the end of the conference, we were given a tour — and samples — of the airport’s best. I had the popcorn here and fell in love. No lie – I actually will schedule a stopover at Midway if it works in my travel plans to get this popcorn. They have an outpost at O’Hare too.
  3. Northpoint, General Mitchell International Airport, Milwaukee.  I have a friend who lives in the area and recommended I try the custard at this local favorite.  I had the vanilla, and it was so good, I wanted to light up a cigarette — and I don’t even smoke!
  4. Boudin Bakery Cafe, San Francisco International Airport. Whenever I’m leaving the city of my birth, a loaf of Boudin (pronounce it Bo-DEEN) sourdough bread is in my carry-on. But if I have time to eat, I always get the clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. De-LISH!
  5. Vino Volo, 12 airport locations.  This is one of my favorite airport concessions of all time.  And one of the reasons (besides the great wine selection) is their small snack plates.  I cannot get enough of the cured olives and the Marcona almonds, which have a lovely hint of rosemary.

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