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10 Travel Experts to Follow on Twitter

23 Aug

Ok, before you even start reading, I’m going to apologize for missing folks on this list.  But please, know I’m just choosing 10 of the many travel Tweeters I follow, and I will do this list again with 10 more tweeters.  So here goes, in no particular order.

  1. @hharteveldt:  full disclosure: Henry and I have been friends for years.  But he is my go-to on the business of travel, travel marketing and the comfort of passengers.
  2. @barbdelollis: this USA Today reporter and blogger OWNS the hotel space.
  3. @Hbaskas: Harriet is my airport soul sister, and I never miss her writing on my favorite topic at Stuck At The Airport, MSNBC and USA Today.
  4. @Heather _Poole & @UpUpAndAGay: these two do a great job of giving a great point of view on travel through a flight attendant’s eyes.
  5. @EliteTravelGal: Stacy Small is THE one to follow for all things luxury travel.  And she’s also the reason why I always say a great travel agent is worth her/his weight in gold.
  6. @crankyflier: another full disclosure: Brett and I have been frenemies for years. OK, he hates Twitter, so he’s not on as much as I think he should be, but when he is, it’s always a good read.
  7. @Nonnyjoris: I follow this Airbus executive for his fantastic Instagram photos from around the world.  He helps me cope with my inability to fulfil my wanderlust.
  8. @JohnnyJet: I want to be Johnny when I grow up.  He has great photos from his travels, and his blog is a must-see for travelers.
  9. @mikebarish: Gadling contributor. SkyMall expert. Makes me laugh. Need I say more??
  10. @travelingmamas: I’m one myself, and whenever I need kid travel advice, they ALWAYS come through for me.  And they will for you too!

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