Best of Aviation Queen: Airport Concession Confessions-The Wine Edition

4 Aug

Editor’s note: I’m in Philadelphia this week attending the National Association of Black Journalists annual convention. I won’t fool myself into thinking I’ll actually post this week since I’m presenting and hosting several other side events. The post below first appeared on my blog on Jan. 11, 201.  Enjoy!!

I covered the airports beat for almost four years.  There was never a dull moment, and among my favorite stories to write were about concessions in the airport.

Remember the old days when most airports’ concessions consisted of “restaurant,” “snacks,” and “news stand?”  Well, those days are over, for most airports, anyway.  The light bulb went on and airports realized that they had a captive audience that had time to kill and was willing to spend money to pass the time away.  I’m a big wine fan, and several of the  dozens of airports I’ve visited have some great wine concepts. Below are four of my favorites. I’ll share more of my favorite concessions, by category, in the coming months.

  1. Vino Volo – what a perfect concept.  Drink world-class wines by the glass or a flight, eat savory snacks and sit at a roomy table with an outlet. What’s not to love? And bonus-you can buy their wines by the bottle and take them with you to your final destination.

  2. Vintage Washington Wine Bar - this is a nice little oasis at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.  I like ths place because it showcases Oregon and Washington state wines.
  3. La Bodega Winery - my family is from Texas, and they are quite fond of Texas wines.  They’ve become a favorite for me too.  And this little slice of paradise at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is a favorite for me.  And don’t worry-if you’re scared to try Texas wines, they have a great selection of wines from around the world.
  4. Cibo Bistro and Wine Bar - I had an unexpectedly long layover once in Philadelphia International Airport when one of my fellow passengers told me about this place.  It has a great wine selection by the glass and some really great bistro food.
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