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Top Five Interesting Stories Of The Week

27 Feb

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

  1. Last July, I flew to Chicago O’Hare to celebrate United Airlines passenger Tom Stuker flying his 10 millionth mile. My blog post on that event is here. During the event, United CEO Jeff Smisek presented Stuker with several gifts, including a Boeing 787 model. And in his remarks congratulating Stuker, Smisek made a not-so-subtle dig at Boeing over its delay in delivering the aircraft.  And now it seems the gloves are off.  The airline filed an SEC 10-K report that noted it was seeking damages for the aircraft’s delay, reports Aviation Week.
  2. Before filing for Chapter 11 in late November, American Airlines had been working hard to cut its labor costs.  In mid-November, the carrier’s  Allied Pilots Association rejected a contract, and less than two weeks later, the airline filed for bankruptcy protection in order to cut labor costs and slash debt.  American has already announced it was cutting 13,000 jobs; now management is warning its labor groups that it “needs concessions from its labor groups in a matter of weeks, not months, in order to emerge from Chapter 11 in the near term,” reports Reuters.
  3. Back in late August 1997, I flew down to Memphis to do some articles on Express Airlines II, now known as Pinnacle Airlines.  The company, which flew as Northwest Airlink, had been privately held, but was bought by Northwest Airlines. Its headquarters had just moved from Atlanta to Memphis, and then-CEO Phil Trenary, who had been brought in to take the airline to the next level, was optimistic about the future. Fast forward to now, where the airline is teetering on the edge of a Chapter 11 filing, reports the Commercial Appeal.  “Unless we have long-term agreements in place, the best way for us to improve our financial performance and ensure a viable future for our company may still be the court-supervised Chapter 11 process I explained earlier,” wrote CEO Sean Menke in a letter to Pinnacle’s employees.
  4. I want to thank Huffington Post for this story on why we really need to keep our cell phones off in flight.  The International Air Transport Association (IATA) wrote in a confidential report that was leaked to ABC News “that between 2003 and 2009 errant electronic signals caused 75 incidents of “possible electronic interference” on airplanes, 40 percent of which were attributed specifically cellphones.”
  5. I’m a big fan of KLM’s efforts to incorporate social media as a way to reach out to their customers.  When I flew the carrier from Washington Dulles to Geneva in May 2010, I sent out a tweet about watching movies on the flight. The airline tweeted back a link to their movie selection and continued to check on me via Twitter until the end of my flight.  But I’m not sure about this latest initiative, which allows passengers to use Facebook or LinkedIn profiles to help select their seatmate, reports the New York Times.

Last week I wrote two posts on Pinterest – one on how I’m using the boards to show off my love of travel and one on what travel-related Pinterest members you should be following.  Since the second post, some of my favorite aviation/travel folks have joined up.  They include:


Top Five Aviation Stories Of The Week

30 Sep

It has been a busy week for me.  I started out recovering from two journalism conventions where I had the chance to speak (and raise my aviation geek flag), and it ended with me cranking out stories for my day job.  So here are my picks for the week.

  1. I’m giving props to my Aviation Week colleagues Guy Norris and Mike Mecham, who led our team coverage of Boeing’s first 787 delivery, to Japan’s ANA.
  2. Speaking of 787s, I was at United’s Houston hub on Tuesday (a separate post is coming out about that) and I saw a mock-up of the 787  in the E Concourse.  CEO Jeff Smisek tells the Chicago Tribune that his carrier’s first 787s are coming into the fleet by the second half of next year. He couldn’t resist a dig a Boeing, noting he’s been waiting for the plane since Continental ordered it in 2004.
  3. JetBlue CEO David Barger used an appearance on the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley to call the partial shutdown of FAA earlier this summer “criminal.”
  4. I was intrigued by Scott McCartney’s Wall Street Journal story on kids attaining elite status on the world’s airlines.  My daughter, 5, started flying when she was 10 days old. She was one of the youngest children to earn a Rapid Rewards ticket on Southwest Airlines.
  5. I’m a bit behind with this story (Sept. 19), but I wanted to share this Marketwatch story on what the Transportation Security Administration is doing to speed passengers through airport checkpoints.  TSA fought the registered/trusted traveler concept for so long, it fascinates me how now they’re going in that direction.

My beloved Airplane Geeks were smart enough to interview one of my favorite social media peeps, Susan Chana Elliott of Delta Air Lines, in the latest episode.   And we have the usual basket of crazy over at AvWeek’s Things With Wings blog with Strange But True Aviation News.   I’m going to watch episode two of ABC-TV’s “Pan Am” this Sunday, but three strikes and they’re out!

Reviews Are In For ABC-TV’s “Pan Am”

26 Sep

Aviation geeks filled with nostalgia for the heydey of jetsetting, the 1960s, were salivating over this new show. ABC went full court press wooing us to build the buzz for the show, starring Christina Ricci. Here are the reviews.

So, #avgeek peeps – what did we think of #PanAm ?
September 26, 2011
TONIGHT! The new ABC TV Show “PanAm” Debuts

This is a rare Sunday post to let you folks know what I’ll be doing later this evening: watching the premiere of ABC-TV’s “Pan Am,” starring Christina Ricci. For those of you not old enough to remember, Pan Am was a U.S.-based flag carrier that flew international routes.
Attention passengers: We are about to begin boarding. Please have your televisions set to ABC at 10|9c and thank you for flying #PanAm
September 26, 2011
My favorite media critic, Eric Deggans of the St. Pete Times, went on NPR to offer his thoughts about the show, right before its debut.
TV shows, TV news, media issues: The Feed | tampabay.com

Best TV shows, worst TV shows, media issues and debates … it’s all here at the Feed, a blog on TV, media and modern life by St. Petersburg Times TV/media critic Eric Deggans. Possibly the most critical guy at the Times, he has served as music, media and TV critic at various times over 10 years.
@PanAmABC You made me not only want the bag now but the whole outfit! I want to be a #PanAm girl! Great premiere.
September 26, 2011
Can’t you just SMELL that new #707 @PanAmABC plane smell? He touched the fuselage-just like me!! #ilovepanam
September 26, 2011
Right on. MT @MarkHsoap: I liked #PanAm. Vaguely uneasy about spy plot (just like mob plot on #PlayboyClub). #MadMen doesn’t need this.
September 26, 2011
Pan Am Premiere Review: Buckle Up, Adventure Calls!

Pan Am took us back to the golden age of air travel, when every little girl had “stewardess” on her list of prospective careers and people wore their church clothes for a trip to the airport. Pilots and stewardesses were role models, and if we didn’t know it then, we learned in the premiere that these weren’t just any guys and girls.
It’s a three-man cockpit!! How very retro! Idlewild Tower! I am in MSY having an absolute #avgeek freak out! #PanAm #PanAmABC
September 26, 2011
saw #PanAm last night, i actually really liked it, think i’ll catch it next week. I’m a sucker for the old days.
September 26, 2011
Predicting the 1st Black staurtist in the 4th season. She’ll come in during the civil rights movement. Gabrielle Union? #panam
September 26, 2011
.@poshtash87 You know there were no black people in the 1960s! #PanAm
September 26, 2011
@soultravelers3 I watched #PanAm last nite.Was hoping for it to be a good show.Lots of nostalgia,good music, but bad writing.Think I’ll pass
September 26, 2011
Henry Harteveldt: “Hated it. Very, very disappointed.”
Real-Life Pan Am Stewardesses Review ABC’s ‘Pan Am’ (VIDEO)

‘Pan Am’ is one of the most anticipated new shows of the fall 2011 TV season — several AOL TV staffers gave the series a hearty \”watch it!\” after viewing
#PanAm was actually pretty good!Not representing the 60’s with a 100% accuracy but pretty enjoyable&damn I wish stewardesses were like that!
September 26, 2011
@breakofJayeDawn I like the nostalgia of #PanAm But I don’t see it lasting long. Unless the CIA missions get really interesting & alluring
September 26, 2011
#avgeek peeps-did you see that #PanAm Connie in Cuba? Le sigh…
September 26, 2011
And we’ll end this with a YouTube clip, below, on the introduction of Boeing 707 service on the real Pan Am. Enjoy!

On Vacation – Does That Include Social Media?

21 Jul

Two recent articles — When Guests Check In, Their iPhones Check Out (Wall Street Journal) and Consumers failing to let go of social media even when on holiday (Tnooz) — got me thinking about how wedded we all are to our smartphones and social media.

I went on vacation last week and decided to leave my work Blackberry at home.  I left an “Out Of Office” message to that effect, but no one ever believes you.  I did choose to take my personal iPhone along to Texas.

When I returned, I was not surprised to see dozens of work emails with people asking questions, sending deadlines and asking why I wasn’t replying to their emails.  I have to admit, it was liberating to have the phone off.

The iPhone was another story.  While I did very little Tweeting, I was on Facebook and checking my persona Gmail account regularly.  But I had to ask myself why?  Was there really something in the Gmail that couldn’t wait until I returned? Did I really need to check in or comment on what I was doing in Texas on my Facebook account?

One of my aviation geek friends went off the grid — totally — for 10 days during a vacation last year.  When I asked him how it was, he said it was scary for the first 2 days and exhilarating the next 8.  So here’s my questions: have you ever gone off the grid? Why or why not? If you did, how long did it last?  And finally, how many days could you survive being off the grid?

It’s Time For The Friday Link Love!

17 Dec

I cannot believe how quickly we are careening toward Christmas.  I hope all your stockings are hung by the chimney with care.

It just isn’t Friday without the latest edition of Strange But True Aviation News.  This week we have the usual idiots doing crazy things in airlines and at airports, including a pilot posing as a doctor, Don King with bullets at the checkpoint and a special Christmas carol from the TSA.

Yesterday, Forbes magazine noted that Mashable has topped the list of the most influential media outlets, as ranked by Klout, which tracks online influence.  So I decided to do an all-Mashable edition of my Friday Fast Five on the NABJDigital blog.  Enjoy!

Showing The Friday Link Love

10 Dec

It’s Friday, so it MUST be time for my weekly column, “Strange But True Aviation News.” This week we had a bumper crop of badly behaving celebrities,  Transportation Security Administration follies and even a plug for “The Rocky Horror Picture Show!”

I had a ball as a substitute host for this week’s Airplane Geeks podcast episode, sitting in for Jetwhine’s Rob Mark, who was off on one of his many boondoggles. And the bonus for me? The guest was Richard Aboulafia, the aerospace analyst extraordinaire for Virgina-based The Teal Group.  His monthly newsletter is required reading for those serious about aviation.  It’s informative and funny!

On the journalism side, I’ve published my Friday Fast Five + Five on the NABJDigital blog, which offers the latest tips and tricks in digital/social/multimedia.  You can also listen to the replay of my BlogTalkRadio show, “Making The Transition From Journalism To PR.” Enjoy the weekend!

How “Top Chef” Can Help Me With My Social/Digital Media Aspirations In 2011

6 Dec

Knife photo courtesy of Matthew Griffith via Flickr

I have been addicted to the Bravo TV series “Top Chef” since Season 2.  I’m just thrilled that the current season, which started Dec. 1, has brought back almost all of my “Top Chef” favorite contestants, except for Ron Durpat from Season 6.

But what I really like is how Bravo has incorporated social media tools that help fans feed their fix for the addictive show. And the show can serve as a guide for journalists who are still struggling with how — and which — social media tools to include in their efforts to join the conversation with readers.

Each of the judges – Anthony Bourdain, Tom Colichio and Gail Simmons — have blogs that offer considerable insight and behind-the-scenes informative and entertaining tidbits. But why no blog for Padma??  There’s also a Team Top Chef blog that adds to the fun.  I can check this off, because I contribute to 2 work-sponsored blog, and I also write the NABJDigital blog and now have this blog (yes, I do sleep and have a life).

You can spend hours on the website alone playing games, reviewing the past eight seasons, checking out photos and videos, chatting away with fellow fans on the message boards and keeping up via Twitter and Facebook.  I especially like the Top Chef presence on Twitter. It’s obvious they have someone dedicated to that account, judging by the steady stream of Tweets.  I consider HootSuite a great free tool that can help you manage Twitter accounts and Facebook pages.

And if that weren’t enough, you can get lost in the recipe finder section, which is broken down into 13 different categories, including: skill level, course, cuisine, season and even mood.  Let’s get real – I consider myself a pretty good cook, but I won’t be making the Colorado Rack of Lamb, in the challenging category, made by Dale Levitski from Season 3 (and I’m glad he’s on the current season).  I’m much more likely to attempt the Spicy Shrimp Ceviche with Chili Popcorn, in the moderate category, done by Sam Talbot in Season 3. And I’d definitely try the Grilled and Chilled Shrimp recipe, in the easy category, from Lisa Fernandes in Season 4.

The website is also very friendly on smartphones, and allows visitors to sign up for updates.  There’s even a Foodie Fight iPhone/iPad app that allows you to battle with past cheftestants using items from the Top Chef pantry.  My company does not have an iPhone app, but it does have a handy mobile website that’s accessible on any smartphone.

The journalist/social media side of me sees so many possibilities of what can really be done to bring in – and keep – your audience as a part of the conversation, thanks to what “Top Chef” has done.  We’ll see what develops in 2011!


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