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Friday Link Love

4 Feb

What a week this has been.  I’ve been battling this winter crud that’s going around, but the show must go on!

We had a bumper crop in this week’s Strange But True Aviation News, with Regis Philbin getting an enhanced pat-down, a Virgin Atlantic passenger who took a BIG exception with his food and entertainment on a recent flight and a major league baseball star who takes a second job with an airline.

I did a post over at the Business Aviation Now blog on how private jet operators are stepping in to help travelers stranded in Egypt after the recent uprisings against the government.  And I offer advice over at the NABJDigital blog for those looking to find their digital gurus.

And we’ll end the week with a photo that shows my pick for Super Bowl XLV.  Enjoy!

Friday Link Love

7 Jan

It’s Friday, so you know I’ve done my usual “Strange But True Aviation News” column over at my day job.  We had a bumper crop of crazy this week, with everything from drug smuggling to hijacking.  I’m still amazed at all the crazy things people do on airplanes and in airports, kids.

David Parker Brown

The Airplane Geeks podcast featured one of my favorite aviation people — David Parker Brown, AKA Airline Reporter.  And Teal Group VP and another one of my favorites — Richard Aboulafia — was kind enough to give this blog a shout out in on his must-read website.

Travel writer/journalist Peter Greenberg has written about some pretty cool airport apps, including a shout out for GateGuru, one I can’t live without on my iPhone 4.

For my journalism junkies, I posted the New Years’ resolutions of my Friday Fast Five + Five column at the NABJDigital blog.  It’s just my way of encouraging you to try something new to enhance your journalistic efforts.

And speaking of journalism, I worked with a team of people to create a Media Diversity list that can be used for folks looking for speakers of color at industry-related conferences, here.  If you think you or others should be included, check out the list and pass along your details to one of the list curators.

It’s Time For The Friday Link Love!

17 Dec

I cannot believe how quickly we are careening toward Christmas.  I hope all your stockings are hung by the chimney with care.

It just isn’t Friday without the latest edition of Strange But True Aviation News.  This week we have the usual idiots doing crazy things in airlines and at airports, including a pilot posing as a doctor, Don King with bullets at the checkpoint and a special Christmas carol from the TSA.

Yesterday, Forbes magazine noted that Mashable has topped the list of the most influential media outlets, as ranked by Klout, which tracks online influence.  So I decided to do an all-Mashable edition of my Friday Fast Five on the NABJDigital blog.  Enjoy!

Showing The Friday Link Love

10 Dec

It’s Friday, so it MUST be time for my weekly column, “Strange But True Aviation News.” This week we had a bumper crop of badly behaving celebrities,  Transportation Security Administration follies and even a plug for “The Rocky Horror Picture Show!”

I had a ball as a substitute host for this week’s Airplane Geeks podcast episode, sitting in for Jetwhine’s Rob Mark, who was off on one of his many boondoggles. And the bonus for me? The guest was Richard Aboulafia, the aerospace analyst extraordinaire for Virgina-based The Teal Group.  His monthly newsletter is required reading for those serious about aviation.  It’s informative and funny!

On the journalism side, I’ve published my Friday Fast Five + Five on the NABJDigital blog, which offers the latest tips and tricks in digital/social/multimedia.  You can also listen to the replay of my BlogTalkRadio show, “Making The Transition From Journalism To PR.” Enjoy the weekend!


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