The ORIGINAL Strange But True Aviation News

18 May

Who’s next? Condoleeza Rice? You’ve got to give it to the Transportation Security Administration — they play no favorites when it comes to pat-downs.  The latest to get the full treatment were former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, reports MSNBC’s Overhead Bin blog.  The wheelchair-bound 88-year-old Kissinger reportedly got “the full Monty,” while

Dude! There are better ways to try to own the world.  Ram Porat was arrested at Nashville International Airport after allegedly climbing a fence  in the middle of the night and broke into an American Airlines jet, reports NBC Chicago.  Why did he do it? he told police that he “owned the world,” and saw the stunt as an “obstacle to overcome.”

Take a picture at the airport, go directly to jail as a terrorist.  Nancy Genovese’s act of taking a simple picture of a helicopter shell out in plain sight near Gabreski Airport in Suffolk County, N.Y. turned into a nightmare, reports Aero-News Network. She was stopped by a local police officer who questioned why she was taking pictures, accused her of being a terrorist threat. Long horrible story short, she was jailed for several days but was released without charge. She is suing the city for $70 million.

At least it wasn’t 20 cats!  A man tried to check his 19 cats on a Lufthansa flight from Rome to New York City, but was told he could only check four on the flight, reports Aero-News Network. He deserted the remaining 15 cats at the airport and allegedly caused a bomb scare after leaving bags of kitty litter and luggage.
This isn’t my jet? I hate it when that happens!  Actress Kristen Stewart accidentally boarded a jet that actually belonged to her co-star Charlize Theron, reports the New York Post.  The actresses were flying from London to Paris to promote their new movie “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Why didn’t they just share a plane?

One Response to “The ORIGINAL Strange But True Aviation News”

  1. Chris Fotos May 18, 2012 at 8:49 am #

    I highly recommend Instapundit/Glenn Reynolds on the War On Photography meme.

    Funny abobut Kissinger, and I read somewhere he later praised TSA for doing this well, saying that thanks to an ankle brace this happens to him all the time.

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