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10 Travel Items I’d Buy From The SkyMall Catalog

4 Apr

I’m a big fan of the Gadling blog in general and the SkyMall Monday feature in particular.  Every Monday, the talented Mike Barish (@mikebarish) chooses an item in the catalog to profile. On a recent flight, I found myself scanning the magazine and seeing some pretty cool stuff!

I am one of those people that like — and have actually bought — items from the SkyMall catalog.  My parents bought me the combo stroller/car seat that I would have used until my daughter was a teenager.  One year I ordered a smoked ham/whole turkey combo to serve at my family’s Thanksgiving. I love my Southwest Air/SkyMall slanket. And yes, I bought the garden gnome.  So below are my picks. Enjoy!

  1. Cocoon iPad wrap (p. 11) – this puppy not only holds your iPad, but all the accessories you need to operate it, along with other things you want nearby on those flights.
  2. Library of classics (p. 21) – You get a personal MP3 player that has 100 of the greatest books of all time. Plus you 50 classical musical performances from the world’s greatest composers.  What’s not to love?
  3. 8GB sound-activated video camera pen (p. 23) – wouldn’t you want this to record any inflight calamity — or that excessive snore-er sitting next to you?
  4. Heated lumbar support cushion (p. 29) – this puppy is portable, and offers heat to your lumbar region. And bonus — you can charge the cushion via your laptop as you have it charging.
  5. Luggage sleeve (p. 30) – the sleeve fits around your luggage and comes in five designs, plus an option to customize your own design. I would SO get that sleeve with my Aviation Queen logo!
  6. The world’s lightest impervious luggage (p. 37) – I am one of those freaks that is always in search of the perfect piece of luggage. This could be it. It’s hard plastic, with wheels that go 360 degrees and it’s light.
  7. Under seat rolling carry-on (p. 38) – back in my airline nonrevving days, you never wanted to check a bag or depend on finding space in an overhead bin. I had a duffel I used to carry, but it could get heavy. I love this case because it has wheels and a handle, plus holds your stuff and a 15-inch laptop.
  8. RFID passport/ticket wallet (p. 69) – ever since the U.S. government started putting RFID tags I passports, I’ve been a bit paranoid about folks accessing my information. So this wallet, which holds the passport and other documents and money, is ideal.
  9. Voyager jacket (p. 69) – Ok, this is the perfect traveler’s jacket. The sleeves zip off, and it has 12 pockets that hold items, including an iPad and a magazine.
  10. SkyRest travel pillow (p. 83) – this pillow folds flat, but when it’s blown up, it turns into a comfy wedge that you can use to rest on those long-haul flights.



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