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The ORIGINAL Strange But True Aviation News

23 Mar

How did we go from a 13-hour to 2-day flight, kids? It was bad enough that passengers on a 13-hour United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Shanghai had to divert in Anchorage, Alaska. But what happened next was no picnic either. Three hours into the flight, several lavatories were inoperable; then it took another few hours to hand out food and hotel vouchers, reports Huffington Post. Then the replacement plane also had mechanical issues, but the flight finally took off two days later.  All’s well that ends well!

Don’t you need passengers on your flight? Two hundred passengers on an Air India flight from Jeddah to Delhi found themselves left behind after the carrier’s management decided to move the boarding time up to ensure that the crew’s duty shift did not expire, reports the Hindustan Times. To make matters worse, for those who did make the flight, their bags didn’t because during the rush, ground crews didn’t have time to load them.

Uh, there’s a hole in the engine. Twenty-seven passengers aboard a Boeing 737 operated by Russia’s Transaero decided to deplane before departing from Moscow after seeing what they thought was a hole in the engine, reports the Daily Mail. The airline admitted the engine was missing an inspection panel, but the flight took off as scheduled.

Dude! Show some respect.  It was tragic when an LSG Sky Chefs employee was killed in an accident at DFW Airport. But it was even worse when an Associated Press story quoted an airport official thusly: “But it did cause an interruption in catering services to some flights,” reports the NYC Aviation blog.

Home alone? OK, this story is a bit of a stretch, but I’m including it. Shanpreta Howard and Antowain Johnson are facing child endangerment charges after they flew to Las Vegas for two days, leaving their two children, 12 and 9, home alone, reports the Chicago Tribune.

We’ll end the week with this great New York Times story on Ron Akana, a flight attendant who has been on the job with United for 63 years.  What I wouldn’t give to sit and chat with this guy for a few hours about the evolution of commercial aviation.  Enjoy!!


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