Rolling Aviation Thoughts

4 Jan
  • Regular readers know how I feel about lap babies on planes ( my post is here).  So was US Airways really so wrong in throwing off a family of two adults, a 3-year-old, 20-month-old twins and an 8-month-old baby because the parents did not buy tickets for the younger children, as reported in Yahoo News.  Technically, the twins and the baby could fly as lap children.  First the parents wanted to put one of the twins in a seat with the 3-year-old (really?).  Then they took an offer from a stranger to hold one of the twins (a stranger?).  They also accepted an offer from a passenger to buy another ticket for one of their children (why not buy your own?).  In the end, it’s about safety, and that’s why they were booted, according to US Airways. I won’t judge, but I don’t disagree with US Airways’ handling of the situation.
  • I can’t wait to see what U.S. airline merge this year. The only question: which ones? American Airlines-US Airways? JetBlue-American Airlines? Alaska Airlines-American Airlines? Virgin America-JetBlue? Bahahaha!
  • I really wanted to fly on the Farmers Insurance zeppelin when I went to Oshkosh last summer.  This article from the Ventura County Star really makes me even sadder that I didn’t try harder to get a ride.
  • Will 2012 be the year we FINALLY see a long-term FAA reauthorization bill? Considering this is an election year, I’m afraid that we won’t see any real action until 2013. How sad is that?
  • An O&D airport like New Orleans’ Louis Armstrong International needs to step up its concessions game. A city with such a rich food heritage should have an airport that reflects the same. With a few exceptions (like Acme Oyster House), it’s been only a dream, as cited in this article on It’s an embarrassment, and the city — and its visitors — deserve better.
  • My parents leave on Thursday for a trip to UAE, with stops in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.  They took my advice and will fly Etihad out of Chicago O’Hare. Too bad they won’t get to experience the first class chef, as profiled by Business Traveller.
  • Back in late 2003, I did a mileage run to keep my Continental OnePass gold status. I flew from DC to San Jose in a day; I even rented a donut-wheel car just to add onto the pile.  So I love The Points Guy website for helping us all feed this strange addiction.
  • And last, but not least, a question for my pilot and student pilot friends: I hear songs in my head when I’m flying. Is this normal?
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