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The ORIGINAL Strange But True Aviation News

9 Dec

Hell no! We won’t go – unless you pay us.  Passengers on a Hong Kong Airlines flight that arrived nine hours late from Singapore stayed on the aircraft for another five hours after protesting the amount the carrier wanted to give them as compensation for their inconvenience, reports CNN.  The airline initially offered $50 per passenger, but eventually relented and boosted that to $150.

 It’s two treats in one!  A woman was briefly arrested at Los Angeles International Airport after Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners found what looked like a cell phone but was actually a stun gun, reports the Daily Breeze.

 Speaking of guns…A 17-year-old pregnant teen was forced to hand over her handbag at Jacksonville International Airport after TSA screeners took exception to her purse, which featured the replica of a gun, reports TSA says that gun replicas are not allowed past security, while Vanessa Gibbs said it was only a design on her purse.

Do the crime, do the time!  Two executives for Research In Motion (makers of Blackberry cell phones) were fired from the company and punished in court after pleading guilty to mischief after an incident on Air Canada, reports the New York Times.  The airline was forced to land in Vancouver after the men drank heavily and became belligerent on the Toronto-Beijing flight.

Do the crime, do the time – part 2.  JetBlue flight attendant Elio Cabral is suing passenger Antonio Ynoa after the latter allegedly punched him three times in the face and tried to head-but him and bite his face during a flight from the Dominican Republic to JFK Airport, reports the New York Daily News.

The strange saga of Alec Baldwin.  The press was whipped into frenzy after the “30 Rock” actor sent out a series of damning tweets after he was kicked off an American Airlines flight out of Los Angeles International Airport, reports The Scoop.  Baldwin reportedly refused to turn off his iPad while in the middle of a game of Words W Friend even after a request from the flight attendant.  American Airlines did not name Baldwin, but used its Facebook page (scroll down) to explain its side of the story, reports the Dallas Morning News’ Airline Biz blog.

Uh, no you can’t carry those grenades.  A woman was detained at Newark Airport after TSA screeners found five hand grenades in her carry-on bag, reports CBS New York.  It turns out the grenades were inert and the woman was allowed to board her flight to Belgium.

That mile-high club can be arresting.  A couple was arrested on a Jetstar flight from Brisbane, Australia, to Mackay after becoming belligerent when a flight attendant informed them that airline rules prohibit pairs to use lavatories, reports Adelaide Now.

A classic case of he said, she said.  Lenore Zimmerman, an 85-year-old grandmother, has accused TSA of strip searching her at JFK Airport as she tried to catch a JetBlue flight to Fort Lauderdale, reports Newsday.  She says she was taken to a private room and forced to strip, while TSA says they never do strip searches.

I guess this didn’t stay in Vegas.  Country singer John Rich (of Big & Rich) found himself kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Nashville under unexplained circumstances, reports CNN.  Reports say he got into a fight with a passenger, but his manager denies that story.



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