The Best Podcasts For Student Pilots From Our Friends At

29 Nov

One of the great benefits of my new job is that I get flying lessons, which start tomorrow (weather permitting).  As a new student pilot with a longish commute to and from work, I wondered if there were podcasts I could listen to for tips, tricks and information.

At this year’s EAA AirVenture show, I got to meet the folks behind the great website, and they are now one of my favorite go-to spots for all things.  You can click here to see a guest post they did for me over at Aviation Week’s Business Aviation Now blog on Sept. 16 covering the top 10 iPad apps for aviation.

So when I went back to the well asking about podcasts, not only did they give me some great suggestions, but they threw in a few blogs, which I now have on my Google Reader.  Enjoy!



Join host Stephen Force for coverage of aviation and aerospace that includes general aviation, space exploration, military aviation, flight music, and a healthy dose of flying philosophy.

The Finer Points is a weekly educational aviation podcast that blends tips from Jason Miller, one of San Francisco’s leading Certified Flight Instructors with contemporary music. Charming and informative,

UND Aerospace helps professional and aspiring aviation enthusiasts explore the joy and science of aviation through innovative video training topics narrated by experienced Certified Flight Instructors.

Tune in to hear real stories from flight attendants and pilots as they tell what goes on behind the galley curtain (and behind the cockpit door).

AOPA presents the “Never Again” series in AOPA Pilotmagazine and online to allow pilots to learn from the experiences of others.

A mix of flight instruction discussion, flying techniques, aviation product reviews, virtual hangar flying, and more!

oh, and a couple of Blogs…
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