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Top 10 Worst Airports According To CNNGO – But I Disagree, Somewhat

15 Nov

Having traveled in countless numbers of airports and writing about the topic for almost four years, my crap detector always goes off when I see these worst-off lists.  One these things are very subjective, and two, your experience can be different, depending on the terminal.  So here we go again, with this list from CNNGO.  Based on the airports I’ve visited, I have to agree with their choices of São Paulo-Guarulhos International, Los Angeles International and Paris Charles de Gaulle, but there’s where we part.

Number seven is JFK Airport.  Frequent travelers know that your experience at JFK depends on the terminal.  Truth be told, all the terminals at JFK are pretty nice, having had major upgrades in the past 10 years — except for T2/3, operated by Delta Air Lines. T2 is used for BusinessElite check-in, along with flights to Los Angeles. San Francisco and London Heathrow.  Everyone else boards in T3, fondly known as the Third Worldport, which is what I think CNNGO was writing about.  But don’t despair — Delta will open an expanded operation at Terminal 4 in 2013.

Number three was London Heathrow.  Again, it really depends on the terminal; and the airport has also undergone some major upgrades.  I still have nightmares about navigating the old Terminal 2, but T3 and T4 have had upgrades.  And I took an extensive tour of T5, which I think is a world-class terminal.  The CNNGO article mentioned T5’s teething pains, but that was three years ago.

So — what airports make your worst-of list?


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