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The ORIGINAL Strange But True Aviation News

11 Nov

You don’t want to see a wheel fall off — on your plane!  Passengers on a FlyBe Bombardier Q400 flight from Exeter to Newcastle must have been shocked when they saw a wheel fall off their aircraft right after taking off, reports the Daily Mail.  Air traffic controllers at the airport were the ones who informed the pilot about the wheel.

My advice? Leave that gun at home on your way to the airport. Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is warning passengers — leave your guns at home, because if you’re caught with one at security, it will be confiscated and it won’t be returned, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The magician’s bird really DID disappear!  Magician Bernard Poston is suing AirTran after the carrier would not allow him to board a flight  from Las Vegas to Minneapolis with a bird he uses in his act, reports  He says that he was able to carry his bird on his Frontier Airlines flight to Vegas.

I guess HE got the last laugh.  Nigerian comedian Baba Suwe has made drug agents at Murtala Muhammed International Airport the butt of his jokes after they failed to find narcotics on him as he tried to board a flight to Paris, reports  He was suspected of hiding drugs in his body.

What is it with Qantas and engines?  Exactly a year after an Airbus A380 operated by the Australian flag carrier had an engine explode, a jumbo jet flying from Singapore to London was diverted to Dubai after an engine oil problem, reports The Age.  Making matters worse, actor Stephen Fry was aboard tweeting details of the delay.

Another way Ryanair strips it down.  Flight attendants at the Irish low-cost carrier stripped down to their underwear for a good cause, reports the Daily Mail.  The crew was photographed for a calendar that will be sold and the proceeds donated to charity.

Did the crime, now he’s doing the time.  United Express pilot Aaron Jason Cope was sentenced to six months in prison and another six on home detention after being convicted of flying while drunk, reports the Washington Post.

I guess that was his 9th life.  Jack, the cat lost by American Airlines during a transfer at JFK Airport, has been euthanized, reports the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The cat wandered the airport for 2 months before he was found.

We’ll end the week with this Washington Post story about an idiot (and that’s what the person is, folks) thought it was a good idea to point a green laser at six aircraft landing at LaGuardia Airport.  The folks at Taiwan’s Next Media Animation passed me this animation showing what happened.  Enjoy your weekend!


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