Reviews Are In For ABC-TV’s “Pan Am”

26 Sep

Aviation geeks filled with nostalgia for the heydey of jetsetting, the 1960s, were salivating over this new show. ABC went full court press wooing us to build the buzz for the show, starring Christina Ricci. Here are the reviews.

So, #avgeek peeps – what did we think of #PanAm ?
September 26, 2011
TONIGHT! The new ABC TV Show “PanAm” Debuts

This is a rare Sunday post to let you folks know what I’ll be doing later this evening: watching the premiere of ABC-TV’s “Pan Am,” starring Christina Ricci. For those of you not old enough to remember, Pan Am was a U.S.-based flag carrier that flew international routes.
Attention passengers: We are about to begin boarding. Please have your televisions set to ABC at 10|9c and thank you for flying #PanAm
September 26, 2011
My favorite media critic, Eric Deggans of the St. Pete Times, went on NPR to offer his thoughts about the show, right before its debut.
TV shows, TV news, media issues: The Feed |

Best TV shows, worst TV shows, media issues and debates … it’s all here at the Feed, a blog on TV, media and modern life by St. Petersburg Times TV/media critic Eric Deggans. Possibly the most critical guy at the Times, he has served as music, media and TV critic at various times over 10 years.
@PanAmABC You made me not only want the bag now but the whole outfit! I want to be a #PanAm girl! Great premiere.
September 26, 2011
Can’t you just SMELL that new #707 @PanAmABC plane smell? He touched the fuselage-just like me!! #ilovepanam
September 26, 2011
Right on. MT @MarkHsoap: I liked #PanAm. Vaguely uneasy about spy plot (just like mob plot on #PlayboyClub). #MadMen doesn’t need this.
September 26, 2011
Pan Am Premiere Review: Buckle Up, Adventure Calls!

Pan Am took us back to the golden age of air travel, when every little girl had “stewardess” on her list of prospective careers and people wore their church clothes for a trip to the airport. Pilots and stewardesses were role models, and if we didn’t know it then, we learned in the premiere that these weren’t just any guys and girls.
It’s a three-man cockpit!! How very retro! Idlewild Tower! I am in MSY having an absolute #avgeek freak out! #PanAm #PanAmABC
September 26, 2011
saw #PanAm last night, i actually really liked it, think i’ll catch it next week. I’m a sucker for the old days.
September 26, 2011
Predicting the 1st Black staurtist in the 4th season. She’ll come in during the civil rights movement. Gabrielle Union? #panam
September 26, 2011
.@poshtash87 You know there were no black people in the 1960s! #PanAm
September 26, 2011
@soultravelers3 I watched #PanAm last nite.Was hoping for it to be a good show.Lots of nostalgia,good music, but bad writing.Think I’ll pass
September 26, 2011
Henry Harteveldt: “Hated it. Very, very disappointed.”
Real-Life Pan Am Stewardesses Review ABC’s ‘Pan Am’ (VIDEO)

‘Pan Am’ is one of the most anticipated new shows of the fall 2011 TV season — several AOL TV staffers gave the series a hearty \”watch it!\” after viewing
#PanAm was actually pretty good!Not representing the 60’s with a 100% accuracy but pretty enjoyable&damn I wish stewardesses were like that!
September 26, 2011
@breakofJayeDawn I like the nostalgia of #PanAm But I don’t see it lasting long. Unless the CIA missions get really interesting & alluring
September 26, 2011
#avgeek peeps-did you see that #PanAm Connie in Cuba? Le sigh…
September 26, 2011
And we’ll end this with a YouTube clip, below, on the introduction of Boeing 707 service on the real Pan Am. Enjoy!

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