Forget The Top 5 – I’m Playing #AvGeekCinema!!

13 May

Kids, today was a rotten day.  I fell so behind on all my work and was pissed.  So I’m on the Acela train home and checking my Twitter account.  I fell smack into a game created by Jon Ostrower (@flightblogger) called #AvGeekCinema.

It’s an easy game — you just take a movie title and turn it into an aviation film classic.  For example, one of my submissions (I had WAY too much fun with this) was “Star (Alliance) Trek II – The Wrath of Constellation.  OK, you really have to be an aviation geek to enjoy this game.

So I decided to come up with my top 35 favorites, excluding my own (I have to stop-I need to sleep).  I had to stop searching after 300 entries, but I looked for clever titles or ones that made me laugh out loud.  My personal favorite was from Lfboyd: Seven 47 brides for seven 47 brothers.  Enjoy!!

  1. ATC_Ben: Despicable Fee
  2. Airlineguys: Red Eyes Wide Shut
  3. Gwitty: The Mooney over Paradour
  4. Ridge Legend: Gone With The Window Seat
  5. Binky Airways: Never Say Nacelle
  6. Marfo: Crouching Tiger Hidden Lounge Dragon
  7. Charles022: Schindlers Standby List
  8. Chicofrostie: Three Men and a BMI Baby
  9. MaxPilot: the Dakota Wears Prada
  10. Spaetow: The Hurt Overhead Locker
  11. Fresh1angel: Sex in the Citation
  12. Dansleezer: Boeing John Malkovic
  13. Avspook: Taliban vs Predator
  14. SamStratton: How the WestJet Was Won
  15. Toshiba_Bill: Aisle Be Home for Christmas
  16. DTWScott: My Fare Lady
  17. Derekschatz: A310 to Yuma
  18. IvnHwk: The Unbearable Light of Boeing
  19. Flyddw: Prop Shaft (he’s a bad mother, shut yo mouf)
  20. Douglas_Clark: The KingAir and I
  21. Geekygirlau: the Thin Red Line Maintenance
  22. Hharteveldt: JetBlue Velvet
  23. Gingertotty: Meet the Fokkers
  24. Boeingairplanes: The African Queen of the Skies
  25. Airport_girl: the Cockpit and the Pendulum
  26. Migmarqs: The Eternal Sunshine of a Low-cost Airline
  27. NYCAviation: men in black boxes
  28. Adam Johnson285: Me, Myself and Iran Air
  29. Hnrarebirds: Silence of the NOTAMs
  30. Pubspotter: The Chronicles of Narita
  31. LandingShort: Deice Age
  32. TheGrandVizer: There’s Something About Mary (Kirby)
  33. Eddyfp: I know what you flew last summer
  34. Widestance: White Men Can’t Jumpseat

And @Flightblogger says it perfectly:  #AvGeekCinema is proof enough that the aviation community online is alive, well and thriving! Amen!

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6 Responses to “Forget The Top 5 – I’m Playing #AvGeekCinema!!”

  1. quanterium May 13, 2011 at 11:40 pm #

    13 is clever because they didn’t make a change that was obviously aviation related, but the result completely is.

    And love the shoutout to Runway GIrl in 32.

    • Aviation Queen May 14, 2011 at 8:59 am #

      Thank you. The #avgeeks were on FIRE with #avgeekcinema!! And did I mention I love your email address?

  2. Sergio Ortega May 15, 2011 at 8:13 am #

    Wow, I absolutely love what those people come up with. I tried to participate by picking a movie from the top 250 list on the IMDb, but every single time, the idea I came up with was already taken. I guess I’m not original enough :-P

    • Aviation Queen May 15, 2011 at 6:30 pm #

      I know, right? I was amazed – and impressed – with what the avgeeks came up with!


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