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Random Aviation Photo-And An Apology

28 Mar

First, the apology.  Last week was one of those rare ones where I was so sick, I actually took to my bed and didn’t do ANY work, including this blog.  I haven’t been this sick since I began writing the blog, so I didn’t have a back-up plan.  As a result, I only had one post last week, which is NOT like me at all.

So I apologize to you, my regular readers.  And I assure you, I now have a good back-up plan just in case this happens again, so that the blog will go on even if I can’t. And tomorrow, I have a special treat — my first official product review, so don’t miss that.

Now, onto today’s picture.  Back in April 2008, I went to Seoul, South Korea to do a series of stories on Korean Air.  Lucky for me, Korean has a direct flight out of Washington Dulles.  Double lucky for me, it was flown on a Boeing 747-400, my favorite plane of all time.  And triple lucky, I got to sit in my favorite part of the plane — the hump, in business class.  This is a shot of the plane I flew, sitting at its gate at Dulles.  Enjoy!


A Korean Air Boeing 747-400 at Dulles Photo by Benet J. Wilson





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